Treating Insomnia With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is now being hailed a viable alternative to conventional medicine. Acupuncture involves needles, fortunately however, it is not a painful ordeal and the benefits are tremendous. The role of Acupuncture in treating insomnia can be traced back to ancient times and probably has its origin in China. The Chinese however, have managed to perfect it even further, largely drawing from ancient Chinese Medical practices to strengthen benefits.

Treating Insomnia With AcupunctureIn order to understand  the nature of acupuncture,  you must comprehend the concept of “qi” which really means life force or life energy. Qi travels through the body via what is considered “meridians.” You are diagnosed as being healthy if the “qi” flows unobstructed. Wherever there is blockage it will manifest itself as either a condition or a disease. Acupuncture remedies this by freeing the “meridians” and removing the blockage. This is achieved  by sticking  very small and slender needles into the body. It is believed that there are 2000 “meridians”  points in the body and insomnia may account for twelve or more.

Acupuncture should be professionally done

This is a holistic alternative method that takes your general medical history into account. If you are suffering from insomnia, it is important to determine the type of insomnia, your sleep schedule or lack thereof, your overall mental and physical health. Be prepared to have your tongue checked ( since it can be used as an indicator of your overall health) and your overall dietary practices will also come under scrutiny.

You may not be fully able to relate to the philosophy behind acupuncture but I would recommend that you try it because Western medicine tend to treat the symptoms (focuses on releasing happy hormones in the case of insomnia) but acupuncture tries to determine the root cause and this really is something remarkable and it is a practice we should consider adopting.

Acupuncture; An Insider’s ViewTreating Insomnia With Acupuncture

Many people who have experienced acupuncture, attest to feeling a sense of relief at the initial stage. In fact must people report a unprecedented and inexplicable sense of peace. There is usually a flood of warmth in the affected areas and this really does indicate that acupuncture has some level of effectiveness and it would be in your best interest to try it in the treatment of insomnia.

Is acupuncture for you?

Acupuncture may be used to treat most types of insomnia but if you suffer from sleep anxiety then you will need another type of treatment but it is a safe bet for all others.

Finding a Good Acupuncturist

Whether or not you find an acupuncturist within a reasonable time frame depends on where you live. The best way to go would be by referral from someone you know and whom you  trust. Another way would be to ask someone in the medical field; a physician, a physiotherapist etc. You may also browse online and sites such as Acupuncture Today, American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are good places to begin. Lastly you may simply use the telephone directory and research that person’s credibility. It is worth a try!