We are going to review Nutrapathic’s Sweet Dreams Natural Sleep Aid supplement. According to the company, this product offers quick, effective, and a natural to your sleep issues. They claim that this product will provide you with a restful sleep and also nourish your brain so you will wake up feeling alert and refreshed. If you are wondering whether or not this product is right for you, please keep reading this review.


This product contains the following ingredients:

  • 130 mg of Vitamin C
  • 10 mg of Niacin
  • 40 mg of Vitamin B6
  • 10 mg of Calcium
  • 10 mg of Magnesium
  • 5 mg of Zinc
  • 364 mg of a unique Proprietary Blend: Ashwagandha root, L-Glutamic Acid HCL, Wild Lettuce Leaf, Brain Substance, L-Taurine, Soy Protein, Barley Grass, Bromelain (pineapple), Pepsin, and Long Pepper.


There is currently no information on the website about what the recommended dosage is for this product. For those curious, your best bet would be to contact their customer service (which is easily accessible on their website) and inquire further about the recommended dosage.

Possible Side Effects

As with any supplement, you should first speak with your doctor and address any questions or concerns you have about the product. Since this is a sleep support supplement, you should avoid driving or operating any sort of heavy machinery within a couple of hours after taking the supplement. If you are a woman who is pregnant or nursing or someone with an existing medical condition, you should also speak with your doctor first before taking this supplement.


This product is currently $15.00 per bottle on the website. Each bottle contains 60 supplements. Currently, this item is on back order and cannot be purchased at this time from the manufacturer website. We did find the company is having a “Going Out of Business” sale and are not taking any online orders at this time.


This company provides a one month guarantee. If you are, for whatever reason, unsatisfied with the product or the results, you can send the product back after one month and get a full refund.

The company states there are many repeat customers and referrals; however, I could not find any reviews about the product on their website or online. The fact the company is going out of business can be a testament that their consumer base was/is not as big.


Nutrapathic’s Sweet Dreams Natural Sleep Aid supplement seems to be ideal. However, upon further inspection, you will be able to see this product isn’t as perfect as it seems. While the guarantee is solid and the ingredients are natural; the lack of customer reviews, and the fact the company is going out of business should send some red flags. Even if this product were great, you would be out of luck after the business closed and have to begin your search again for a sleep support supplement. Based on the information we have received and the extensive research we have done, we feel you would be better off looking for a different option to support and aid your sleep.

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