Essential Vitamins to Treat Insomnia

Insomnia is a disorder wherein an individual will experience difficulty sleeping. This can lead to several health problems as lack of sleep will severely decrease your body’s immunity and will also affect you mentally as it can dull your senses and reflexes. Caffeine, stress and alcohol are the common causes for this disorder and by avoiding these and having a healthier lifestyle you can avoid developing sleep disorders. In order to further help prevent this disorder from affecting you there are vitamins that you can take as well.

Vitamin A

Essential Vitamins For Insomnia PreventionVitamin A is an essential vitamin for our body as it helps promote healthy teeth, skin, bones and mucous membrane. Studies have also shown that Vitamin A is a major factor in healthy brain functions such as sleep quality and memory. We can obtain Vitamin A by eating meat, eggs and milk to name a few. Vitamin A supplements are available in drugstores but it is important that you do not exceed the proper dosage as it can lead to some unwanted side effects.

Vitamin B12

When it comes to our body’s red blood cell production and metabolism it is Vitamin B12’s time to shine. It has been proven in studies that Vitamin B12 deficit can lead to sleep disorders, weakness and anemia.

Doctors recommend 3mg of Vitamin B12 daily will help improve sleep, mood and concentration. Vitamin B12 can be obtained by eating shellfish, eggs, meat and milk.

Vitamins C and Vitamin E

Vitamins C and Vitamin E are essential to the body as it helps boots immunity and are effective antioxidants to help flush out free radicals from inside our body. Vitamin C helps relieve a person of oxidative stress which is found in sleep apnea patients. Vitamin C and E supplements can help improve the quality of sleep a person gets and assist in balancing a healthy sleep pattern. However, it is important to keep in mind that overdosing on Vitamin C can cause diarrhea and stomachache while excessive intake of Vitamin E may be fatal. Vitamin C is naturally obtained by eating citrus fruits and leafy vegetables. Vitamin E can be found in nuts, corn and wheat.

Essential Vitamins For Insomnia PreventionVitamin D

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that helps promote growth and strengthen bones. Lack of proper Vitamin D in the body can lead to sleeping disorders. In order to prevent this from happening it is important that we include dairy products and sea foods to our diet. Our body can also produce Vitamin D from being exposed in sunlight. For those who do not have the luxury of enjoying the sun’s rays as often as they want there are Vitamin D supplements available in health and drugstores.

Keep in mind that as is the case with other vitamins, over dosing can lead to side effects such as muscle pains and kidney stones.

Insomnia can be avoided by eating healthy and proper exercise. These are the essential vitamins our body needs and it is important that are able to maintain healthy levels to not only prevent insomnia but also stop other ailments from developing.