Exercise and Insomnia

A study shows that a simple increase in body temperature before bed time helps you to have good quality sleep. Doing light exercises after midday or around sunset will work wonders for your body as it will divert attention from the rigors of the day. It is particularly recommended for those who have jobs that require long periods of sitting. Quite a significant number of us have jobs that keep us inactive and it is not uncommon for us to list reading, internet surfing or video games as our hobbies and this is why we must consciously make an effort to exercise.

Exercise and InsomniaWe have seen a shift from doing things that would drive our heart rates up to an overall sedentary and semi sedentary lifestyle. In fact, over the past few years we have witnessed a shift from doing high energy activities outdoors to low level activities, that require us to be solitary and while there is a drive to promote exercise it is often viewed as a chore and in some cases quite justifiably so, because many of the exercise regimes today are brutal, rigorous and unbelievably intense. However, this does not have to be the case and here is an alternative:

Try doing a quick walk (between 20-30 minutes) as soon as you get home from work. However if that is not feasible given the schedule you have, then consider an early morning 15-20 minutes walk and another 15-20 minutes in the evening. The most important thing is that you remain consistent. Never ever give up!

Begin Slowly

Do not rush into doing intensive workouts and do not set unrealistic goals as that will only serve to frustrate you and set you back. Instead you may even choose to walk within the confines of your home and exercise machines can be also used.

Exercise and InsomniaDo Not Engage in High Intensity Workouts

If you are not a trained athlete then you should stay away from vigorous and difficult routines. You do not need to be Herculean in lifting weights ( it is not necessary.) Besides if you suffer from insomnia chances are after all those sleepless nights you will not have the energy. On the other hand, if you already have a consistent exercise regime and insomnia is still an issue, then you should change the times that you do the routines and reduce the length of time spent doing them.

Avoid Competitive Sports

Do not get involved in any high level competition if you are still struggling with sleeplessness. It will only serve to mentally spur you on and that is the last thing you need. You do not need to be anymore alert than you already are and if it is chronic then what you really need is relaxation, so do not feed it the opposite. Insomnia can be conquered if you are practical, consistent and make conscious decisions that will benefit you. After all sleep shouldn’t be a rarity it should be a common occurrence.