Insomnia and Homeopathy

Homeopathic treatment is different for each individual based on their body conditions, current medications, and more. Every individual is analysed completely before being given a homeopathic treatment since there is no specific medicine as such. So it is advised not to try any of the following without doing a thorough check up with a homeopathic doctor as the following is only information based on general symptoms of insomnia and should not be used for self-medications.

Coffee Cruda:

Insomnia and HomeopathyThis remedy prepared from coffee beans is suitable for patients who are hypersensitive. These patients are found to be very restless and have nervous sleeplessness. They lie in bed with their eyes wide open and if they happen to fall asleep, they wake up to every sound or are disturbed by dreams. For patients who face sleeplessness due to emotions like fear, depression, surprise, etc., this may help.

Nux Vomica:

For patients who suffer from insomnia caused by stress, Nux Vomica, a drug prepared by potentizing seeds from a plant called “poison nut”, would be suitable. It has an effect on various organs & systems in the body like the nervous system, digestive system, respiratory organs, reproductive organs, etc.


Pulsatilla is a homeopathic drug derived from the wind flower or weather-cock, a plant, given to the fact that it can be used as a remedy for various acute or chronic conditions. This drug benefits patients who are sleepless because of their mind filled with thoughts and who sleep in the early hours of morning which causes them to feel drowsy through the day. These patients are generally in a state of confusion and they talk, whine and scream in their sleep.

Insomnia and HomeopathySulphur:

This is commonly prescribed homeopathic remedy for insomnia which has an influence on the skin, digestive, nervous & urinary systems, respiratory and reproductive organs. People, who wake up during the early hours of the morning or sleep for a few hours, wake up and then sleep again and sometimes even wake up and eat at night may gain from this remedy.

These kinds of patients sleep on their left and are affected with nightmares when they lie on their back. They may have happy dreams, laugh in their sleep and wake up singing merrily in the morning.


Phosphorus is a homeopathic remedy used for various diseases. Phosphorus has an impact on the blood, bones, kidney, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, etc. Patients who cannot sleep continuously and are able to only take short naps, waking up every now and then are the ones who may use phosphorus for homeopathic treatment. These patients are often known to talk in their sleep and find difficulty sleeping on their left.

Insomnia and HomeopathyPassiflora Incarnata:

For insomnia caused in children and the old and for sleeplessness in individuals with mental stress and worries, Passiflora Incarnata, a homeopathic drug extracted from passion flower leaves can be used as a remedy. This drug calms down the nervous system resulting in good sleep.

Kali Phosphoricum:

Kali Phosphoricum is a homeopathic drug is made from potassium phosphate which is a remedy that may be used by those patients who are affected with insomnia due to business worries, overwork and stress. The patient may yawn but not be able to sleep.