The Risks of Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills are legitimate medications for helping people with insomnia get a good night’s sleep. However, while these sleeping aids are helpful for treating insomnia some people seem to forget that there are also risks in using these types of medication. It is important for those who suffer from insomnia to know the proper use of sleeping pills in order to prevent side effects and dangers that may arise from misuse of the said medication. Before turning to sleeping pills here are some of the risks you are opening yourself to in order to better educate you about the proper use and dosage of this medication.

The Risks of Sleeping PillsThe Body Will Build Up Tolerance over Time

This is a pretty common knowledge for those who have some inkling on how medications and human bodies work. Your body will be able to build up its immunity from any drug once you have taken it for a long enough time. This means that while it may have worked perfectly for you at the beginning, a week or month or so of continuously depending on this medication will boost your body’s immunity to the drug which may force you to take higher dosages. This in turn will open you up to other risks such as overdosing from the medication which can lead to difficulty in breathing while asleep which could be fatal.


Studies have revealed that certain types of sleeping pills are strong enough that traces of the sleeping medication is still present within the body in the morning. This is a huge cause of concern especially to individuals who need to work as it can cause drowsiness and may hinder alertness and lower your reflexes. This is the reason why the FDA has required all medicine manufacturers to reduce the recommended dosage for sleeping pills. It is now advised to use sleeping medications only if you can afford at least 7 hours of sleep.

Sleepwalking and Loss of Memory

Some of the side effects that can arise from taking sleeping pills are sleepwalking and memory loss. In some cases, people who are taking sleeping pills also report some erratic behaviors. While not a widespread side effect of taking sleeping pills, it should still be noted as these can be rather dangerous and if you or anyone you know are having these side effects it is best to consult the doctor immediately.

The Risks of Sleeping PillsInstability and Vertigo

There are cases when those who are taking sleeping aids will have problems with their balance and will have a higher chance of falling down or slipping. This can also be attributed to drowsiness but at a more serious scale is the body’s own ability to sense its center of gravity is severely dulled by the drug. This can cause injuries and accidents so always follow proper dosage and drinking schedule.

Known to Cause Cancer and Death

Current medical studies have discovered a connection between the chances of developing cancer and sleeping pills. A study that was published in 2012 showed that there is indeed a connection between sleeping medications and cancer development as studies pointed out that most cancer patients used sleeping pills sometime in their life. While these results are alarming it does not guarantee that sleeping pills will cause cancer, it is just that there will be a higher chance of developing the ailment if you use sleeping medications for prolonged period. Studies have also revealed that lifestyle changes and a more positive frame of mind can be just as effective in curing insomnia as sleeping aids.

Withdrawal Syndromes

Taking sleeping pills can cause the individual to become dependent on the drug and may have a hard time of stopping their use and dependency to it. There are cases wherein several individuals experience what is called a “rebound insomnia.” Rebound Insomnia is a condition where the individual feels as if their insomnia has gotten worse after stopping medication. If you wish to stop the use of sleeping pills then consult your doctor and plan a step by step strategy that will ease you through the process. Rather than abruptly stopping sleeping pill use or going cold turkey, it is actually easier on the body if you lower the dosage until you finally get it out of your system naturally over time.