Pre-Sleep Routine to Fight Insomnia

Do you suffer from the type of Insomnia that comes about as a result of subscribing to an irregular sleep schedule?

This type of sleeplessness is called conditioned insomnia because the brain allows us to form habits if we consistently do something over time even if we are not conscious of it. Whatever we repeatedly do overtime becomes so deeply engraved in our brains that we simply repeat the activities without so much as giving it a second thought.  So if you have conditioned insomnia  you will have to rewire your brain.

Do you dread bedtime?Pre-Sleep Routine to Fight Insomnia

If conditioned insomnia is an issue for you then you would have made a habit of sending negative messages about sleep to your brain. It is likely that you do a bit of negative self talk upon approaching your bed and you may often believe that you will not have a restful sleep and you dread the fatigue that is likely to affect you . This is known as “negative associations.”

Can you change this?

This can definitely be changed and that negative pre -bedtime ritual can be transformed into something more positive and conducive to sleep.

Negative Meets Positive; Retraining Your Brain

Change, of course, will not be immediate but over a fourteen day period you should make a conscious effort to think positive and uplifting thoughts. Avoid that negative monologue and do something soothing and relaxing about 30-45 minutes before bedtime. Find something that will relax you and avoid anything that could possibly spoil your mood.It is best to do that or a similar activity at around the same time every night but do not make it into an obsession. It can include simple tasks as washing the dishes, soaking in a bathtub or singing a soothing lullaby. It will be better if you were to establish a routine involving soothing music, rain sounds, therapeutic oils or just about anything of this kind to help you sleep. It doesn’t really matter what activity you choose, what matters is how routinely you do it. So do keep at it .

Things You Can Try:Pre-Sleep Routine to Fight Insomnia

Listening to soothing song

Listening to white noise

Enjoy soaking in a bathtub

A massage will work wonders and you may also choose to give one.

Try reading something positive (not too intense)

Try scented candles and therapeutic oils and fragrances

Try meditation

Do breathing exercises

Unwind and relax

Try visualization techniques

Here are a few relaxation tips:

Lie on your bed. Place a small pillow under your legs to relax your lower body

Hold your breath on the count of six and place your hand beneath your diaphragm to feel it expand

Hold your breath for four counts

Exhale ( either softly or loudly depending on what you prefer) and allow your body to completely relax.

Do this for at least 3-4 times

Conditioned insomnia is a matter of negative reinforcements and if you can flip the switch to positive in your brain then you will be well on your way to sleeping through the night and that of course is a wholesome thought!